Job Agency Management

Since 14 years ago WhiteNet has continued to grow, adding new functionalities, to satisfy the requests of Job Agencies and the market.

WhiteNet is used by 19 among the most important Job Agencies, which represent about 40% of the market, and also adapts to smaller realities.

Emisfera, an available and secure partner, offers technical and fuctional advice for managing the whole informative system of the Job Agency.

Every day WhiteNet is used by 4000 users, producing annual profit for over 2 billion Euros!



WhiteNet is constantly updated with new functionalities and adjustments to fit guidelines, available to all customers.
It's also configurable and customizable to fit best your own marketing strategies.

It's integrated with Microsoft Office™ and interfaceable with open source tools like OpenOffice. It is consequently possible to easily create customized documents without any added cost.

WhiteNet is scalable and filled with additional components. It allows for different ways to calculate cost/price, generation of automatic salary documents, backpay management, detection process optimization and document management even through e-mail and Postel.

Thanks to Emisfera consolidated partnerships, WhiteNet is perfectly integrated with third-party software (Zucchetti, INFOR, NaVision, SAP, SIAV, Byte) for pay management, tax, presence detection, web, CRM and with Italian public entities: INAIL, Employment centres, ClicLavoro.

The W2N (WhiteToNet) module allows for direct contact through the Internet with user organizations, workers and external entities (banks, public administration, private entities).

Base functionality

WhiteNet is organized with modules, which allow complete management of the Job Agency's operative process, integrated in a single Oracle™ database which guarantees its safety, stability, robustness and the best performance.

WhiteNet's functionalities, securely and through custom user profiles, allow:

  • Manage workers/candidates' detailed information through verification and validation processes;
  • Formulate estimates and develop commercial activities with advanced sales cost/tax analysis and marginality prediction tools;
  • Create instantly somministration, performance, research and selection contracts while easily managing telematic communication to entities;
  • Automatically manage contractual renews and data archiving;
  • Quickly insert presence sheets, costs and indemnity of somministrated workers for payroll elaboration;
  • Execute salary and tax procedures and produce detailed reports;
  • Analyze customers and company progress through linking to Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM);
  • Execute targeted marketing activities, messages (E-mail, Fax, SMS), formation, automatic communication of deadlines and stabilization event analysis;
  • Improve performance, quality and organization of the Job Agency thanks to advanced report generation technologies and the application's Business Intelligence.

Emisfera team

Emisfera is a cooperative company constituted by young IT professionals, who over the course of 14 years have managed to create a solid and dynamic reality.
Emisfera is a team with various experiences and personalities, armonized in the never-ending improvement of their skills.
Emisfera helps Job Agencies grow, contributing by facing market evolution, guaranteeing assistance and support:

  • IT and application helpdesk for fast problem analysis and troubleshooting, delivery of new releases and continuous formation;
  • A development team which offers evolutive and guideline maintenance of our product;
  • A customer support group specialized in consulting, WhiteNet's activation and maintenance and development of te customer's specific and customized projects.

Emisfera guarantees quality and certification of the product, processes and a project-oriented approach with the objective of reaching success.


The dashboard is a functionality of WhiteNet which immediately provides the user with an amount of information, without having to look for it.
The information type and contents can be toggled by the user on the basis of specific permissions.
The Dashboard is customizable by theJob Agency and can be comprised of a configurable number of elements, chosen from the following four categories:

  • News: it's a corporate wall where relevant information is displayed (e.g. corporate announcements, deadlines, news...) configured by the sysadmin. News have an expiration date after which they are no more displayed;
  • Alert: It's a section where significative data for the user is displayed on the basis of defined criteria (e.g. expiring contracts or customers to manage);
  • Calendar: It's a calendar with a format similar to Microsoft Outlook™ 's which, similarly, allows for activity pianification, planned by the user or by the sysadmin;
  • Chart: allows for a representation of data in the form of charts (e.g. Corporate balance, reddit etc.).

Thanks to the WhiteNet Dashboard all users will constantly have control over the Job Agency's activity!

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