HRS Suite

The candidate selection and recruiting process is a delicate process that has to be done paying great attention to understand every opportunity that a résumé can offer.
This is why using an appropriate recruiting tool can help not only companies find the candidates best fitting to their necessities, but it can also help candidates show everything they can offer.
We offer a web-based application that not only entirely simplifies this delicate process but gives the opportunity to the user to use it anywhere, on any device and allows for an easier interaction between companies and candidates.

What it is

It's a web-based Recruitment Management Software and Applicant Tracking System, developed "Ready for Windows" compatible with Windows 10, Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge, that acquires candidate requests and manages the whole candidate selection process.
Besides spontaneous candidate requests, it is possible to publish job offers on one's own website and tens of recruiting portals on social networks.
Thanks to its easy and intuitive interface, you can easily complete any task. Its web-based nature makes it so it's accessible from any internet connected device (PC, smartphone, tablet...).


How It Works

Candidates can present their résumés through a single registration form; and all data is archived in a database. Data registration in a single archive abilitates numerous advantages, like:

  • Access single candidates' profiles in a simple way;
  • Share info with their team;
  • Insert ratings and comments;
  • Keep track of candidates' skills based on where they previously worked;
  • Contact candidates in ways other than just a phone call, like conference calls;
  • Manage interview appointments;
  • Propose forms;
  • Track all activities in progress;
  • Profile change from the candidates themselves;

Every tool that this suite is comprised of makes recruiting as simple as can be, helping companies find the best candidates for the job.