Emisfera is registered in the Register of Communications Operators Public Authority for Guarantees in Communications (AGCOM) with n. 16122 of 19/11/2007.

As an Internet Service Provider (ISP) Emisfera distributes connectivity through its own wireless area network transport, called Emiconnect, totally independent from that of any national provider.

Currently Emiconnect covers all the Piedmont shore of Lake Maggiore, in Verbania and Cusio. Soon it will be present in Ossola and in the adjacent valleys.

The selection of Emisfera is very simple: find the product you want, receive the offer and you are free to withdraw whenever you want.


In 2012 Emisfera created, thanks to decades of experience, Emiconnect, the wireless network for the territory of Verbania, hosted by the Data Center of Emisfera which is connected via fiber optic with top-Ix node Verbania.

Emiconnect uses the most innovative technologies to ensure a professional level of service with the ability to reach the connection speed higher than normal xDSL (ADSL HDSL).

The technology uses free-defined frequencies that are not subject to special licenses and represents a kind of enabling technology as it allows to carry different types of information (data, voice, video etc.).

Emiconnect is aimed at companies and individuals that require a continuity of service and want to implement custom solutions to maximize the cost/benefit ratio.

HotSpot – Wi-Fi

Emisfera is able to design and produce wi-fi systems to connect to the web; open areas (residences, hotels, camping sites, bars, restaurants, squares etc.).

A specific application performs the functionality: centralized management and simplified interface of the users; bandwidth optimization and monitoring of the entire system with signaling in case of failures.


More information and the price list can be found at

LThe sale of connectivity to business customers only takes place by writing directly to the following addresses or or by calling 0323 586730 and asking Ferruccio or Marco.