Social responsability

In a company like Emisfera, projects are born from the people and are made by the people. It is essential therefore to define an investment plan on the company's human capital.

Career Paths:

  • Defining clear career paths linked to economic improvements;
  • Clarification of the meanings of certain frameworks in different contexts (eg. Senior resource in a development group or helpdesk);
  • Annual assessments;
  • Request for feeback and directions from each one on their own aspirations;
  • Mapping of skills;
  • Also possibilities for non-shareholders to take part in senior job roles (eg. participation in the board), and for its' shareholders reserved social roles, as described in the following paragraph.


annual training objectives defined for each employee, consistent with the available budget, and taking into account the language courses necessary of the company.

New figures:

introduction, through hiring or through the evolution of the personnel currently present in the company, the "master" figures in certain professional fields, such as web programming and graphics, that can offer support to the various business areas.

New tools:

reduction of ties with traditional manufacturers such as Microsoft and Oracle, in favor of open source tools that reduce the cost of deployment and customer proposition.


introduction to different levels of awards, or units of the salary variable and linked to annual targets.

Internal mobility:

a person should not remain in the same position for more than six years (two terms equal to the CDA). This should apply to both business and social roles.