Environmental responsibility

The increasing use of computers and the speed at which they must be replaced, makes IT a major concern for the health of the environment that surrounds us. It is necessary to stimulate the development of a social responsibility for promoting nature conservation.

The impact that IT has on the environment is related to the consumption of large amounts of energy for the cooling systems and the consequent accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

IT also impacts as waste: creating reliable and very fast IT hardware means to be environmentally unfriendly. It means in fact to use resources such as barium, beryllium, phosphates and lead. These substances pose a serious threat to the planet and to our health if they are not properly disposed of.

Emisfera is sensitive to these issues and for a number of years is part of a local cooperative that deals with the collection and disposal of printer cartridges and toners.

The company has always implemented the separate collection of paper, plastic and glass.

Emisfera has strict policies towards the environment, and always recycles.

It is always part of Emisfera's belief in protecting the environment, that it purchases paper that is of low impact on the environment and creates an awareness towards its' internal and external resources on the reduced consumption of paper.

The consumption of electricity is unfortunately a matter disheartening from the standpoint of the general spirit of the consumption reduction policy and at the moment we do not see the possibility of being able to be able to reduce its usage. The consistent consumption in 2012 is always due to the server farm in the hall, and the temperature control system installed in the building.