Economic responsibility

2015 was a year of confirmation. The confirmation of being a profitable, confirming the keen desire to invest, the confirmation of receiving the trust of our customers who become involved in the development of new products.

The WhiteNet area, the division in which during 2015 started invest in new projects related to our existing products. It was able to raise its total turnover above that of the previous years' total.

The Research Laboratory continued the work on the creation of new ideas and prototypes, working on an EPSEM project that is part of energy, THERAPP project within the homeopathic medicine sector, the AF-WCAMP project that fits in the field of wireless anti-theft networks.

The Systems division has implemented the renewal of its servers in the server farm and continued marketing it's web connectivity service, named EMIConnect, becoming a reference for local tourist reception facilities. The area is improving its technological, commercial and marketing systems and collaborating with existing and well-established projects in the dissemination of the services related to networks and the web.

2015 ended with a positive result, small in absolute value but of great importance. Certainly 2015 was a strong test of skills and the will of the people who work with dedication in Emisfera with pride, strength, passion and desire to face the challenges that the coming years will bring.