About us

Emisfera is a company of people, who chose to be daredevils and protagonists in an innovative market. We wish to professionally grow up by investing in continuous training and mutual collaboration. While we operate in a wider context, we firmly believe in homeland, collaborating with local institutions to favor employment, even through spawning of new business activities. We work daily to improve our internal processes, investing in training and research, with the objective to be an ethically correct company and be able to provide quality products and services, in the best market conditions.

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Services for Job Agencies

The products designed and developed by Emisfera are not derived from a theoretical study of market potential or an intuitive choice by few managers, but as a natural evolution of design and creation of a specific project. It has happened for WhiteNet, the product designed and developed to solve specific requests from job agencies.


WhiteNet Suite

Discover Italy's #1 software for job agency managment.


HRS Suite

Recruit the best candidates for the job with our innovative tools.


WN Release 11.19

Discover the contents of our latest release.


WN Release 11.20

Discover the additions from the release in development!


On-line signature

Sign documents and contracts from your PC!


Risk Management

Manage your financial risk!


Business report

Manage salary and margin with our B.I. tools.


System Integration

Integrate your software solutions together!



Emisfera believes that it is necessary to sustain a product's supply with added knowledge of the sector's needs and issues to be able to design products and solutions adequate to the different business realities' needs. According to Emisfera's philosophy, a project's development provides, besides deep technical knowledge, a way to listen and comprehend the customer's needs, to share a "common communication medium" and work synergistically with the customer to accomplish objectives.


The Lab

Discover projects form our Lab!



Our energy production research project.



Our web connectivity network.


Data Center

Discover our server farm and our hosting and housing services.



Emisfera in theaters: digital.


SW projects

Discover everything we can do for you!




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Emisfera Soc. Coop.

  • Via Quarantadue Martiri n. 165 28924 Verbania Fondotoce (VB)
  • Tel: +39 0323 586 730
  • Fax: +39 0323 586 937
  • Email: emisfera@emisfera.it

  • P. IVA: 01606770038
  • Registro delle Imprese di Verbania n° 01606770038
  • Iscr. Albo Coop. A113148
  • Sez. cooperativa a mutualità prevalente

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